Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Big news for the mediaholics


Cingular yesterday announced that it had finally shipped a HSDPA phone. I think this is big news not necessarily to the Desperate House Wives junkies that catch the latest on the rail line to and from work but more so for the infrastructure that is being put in place for the mobile user. Yes we still are a ways away from the never disconnected model. Still too many places in the US that don't have as good of coverage as the major metro areas. However, that being said this is a great technology model.

Engineering firm creates technology ---> Broad appeal and consumption by a large audience (in this case 14-35 year olds) ---> Investment back into the technology to harden it for enterprise usage ---> Back out to the enterprise/public sector to pay for additional services

The one interesting thing I haven't seen a lot in the press around this announcement is the continued dominance that LG is experiencing. Can you say 간다 LG는 간다!!!


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