Monday, July 24, 2006

Zuna vs iPod

I have been engulfing myself with Zuna material over that last several months trying to get a clearer picture of actually what MS is planning on shipping. It looks smart with its WiFi connectivity instead of fumbling with cables and its gargantuan hard drive that will make 60 Gigs music players look like an IBM AT soon enough.

That being said the platform that will win will be the one that has the content. Apple has done a great job with iTunes and now the TV shows (something like 150 shows in their format). Microsoft did a good job with the gaming console but not enough to lure games like Metal Gear Solid and such huge titles away from Sony and thus Sony is still winning. Speaking of Sony though let's not mention why the heck they aren't in this battle ( Walkman ).

MS is going to have the better player at least until Apple has a chance to regroup and possibly leapfrog but their success lies in the hands of some Desperate Housewives. However, even Survivors will make money in this House (man!!! I couldn't resist but that is bad).


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